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SurfScreen Ultimate Kit

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Everything you need and nothing you don't with the SurfScreen 'Ultimate' Kit! We took our regular Kit and added our three most popular shirts; Local, Vintage and Stacked (not pictured) shirts. We have our 3 oz SPF 32 Sunscreen lotion and SPF 25 Face Stick to accompany on of our silkscreened by hand T-shirts.


Organic Sunscreen Lotion: Our organic sunscreen lotion was clinically tested on human subjects (non animal tested) for a SPF of 32. It has a thick and creamy feel to it when compared to other sunscreens. Our lotion spreads really well and is intended for use on the body. A little goes a long way! Check out our SurfScreen Sunscreen Lotion tab for ingredients and more information!
Organic Face StickSurfScreen Organic Face Sticks come in either a white or tinted color. We do not use any chemicals to tint our products, but simply add Cacao Powder for an 'off white' look. Our Face Sticks are not oily or greasy like most sunscreens. This product features a waxy texture in order to stay on your face! Check out our Organic Face Stick tab for ingredients and more information!