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Protect Yourself With SurfScreen

Our Products

Although there is no specific testing for how “Reef Safe” a product is, many companies claim their products do not harm our oceans. SurfScreen minimizes active ingredients, which can lead to the bleaching of our reefs. Our products contain Non-Nano Zinc Oxide as the only active ingredient. Our products do not contain any of the common toxins listed below.
SurfScreen does NOT use any of these harmful chemicals:
Para amino benzoic acid
Octyl salicyclate
Menthyl anthranilate

Broad Spectrum Protection

On a daily basis, our bodies come in contact with two types of UV rays: UVA and UVB. With SurfScreen products, you and your family will be protected from both UVA and UVB rays. Through the "Critical Wavelength" Test, we are able to provide products recognized by the FDA as Broad Spectrum Protection. Our table below explains our SPF values and our choice to use Non-Nano Zinc Oxide!